A cartographic exploration. The project consisted of the commissioning of new works by three artists, several performances and the creation of a number of new tools. It was funded by Arts Council England. The map can be found here including films of performances, interviews and documentary recordings.

Large Map small copy

Using five bunkers as resonating chambers.

Land Bells from Ed Briggs on Vimeo.

0.5km of speaker wire salvaged from alarm cable. Max patch used to control bunker organ.

Black mirrors – allow the audience to record samples to replace the natural harmonics of the acoustic response of the room.

Ultrasound detector and bat pictures. While working in Cuckmere Haven I noticed that the swallows made clicking noises as they flew close together. I wondered if they were using ultrasound and built this detector to find out.

Five performers, spaced 50m apart, play an ostinato in unison, conducted by a flashing light. The score predicts the sound heard at any given point on the map.

Bell space score

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