Some compositions.

Yare! Yare! Lower the Topsail! – Opening to Tempestade, an international collaboration between Puppetlink, UK and S.A.Marionettas, Portugal, to perform Shakespeare’s The Tempest, using specially made glass marionettes and instruments and projection techniques. This opening piece is made from samples of a broken concertina and uses granulation techniques to produce the impression of a storm and shipwreck. This sonogram display of the piece displays elements of the stochastic processes involved.

Full Fathom Five – from the same production of Tempestade. The piece depicts Ferdinand’s wandering over the island following Ariel’s music. The piece uses bowed glass used as individual harmonics to reconstruct the sound of the ‘watchdogs bark’ and ‘the strain of strutting chanticleer’ and later on Ariel’s voice. The synthesis was done by hand, by cutting the glass samples to closely following partial analyses of the source sounds.


LHC composition, charting the discovery of subatomic particles and leading to a simulation of a collision event.

Glass Piece – Simulating the formation of a glass object from sand. Commissioned by the Museu du Vidro, Marinha Grande, Portugal for their 10 years anniversary and performed at the opening of their new building.


Brighton Rock  – Extracts from music for radio play, performed at the Duke of York Cinema, Brighton.


Sigil – Piece experimenting with idea of a ‘playable score’ made from tines set in a board and a string resonator. Mapping geometrical shapes of one of John Dee’s enochian sigils.


Oscachurros – Stomach percussion.

I also sometimes make dance music

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